Sunday, March 7, 2010

old Texte zur Kunst issue-- Romantik

i took this volume of txk with me-- the roundtable discussion on romanticism with joerg heiser, felix ensslin, juliane rebentisch, andre rottmann and jan verwoert is really interesting. i guess i had not thought about the ways in which this project relates to romanticism, or romanticist tendencies/possibilities in relation to conceptual art until now. but i think it's actually quite relevant. i will need to incorporate this into my text outline.

"(...) one can grasp the notion of "romantic conceptualism" as expressing specific gestures of dissolution or incompleteness, gestures of the anti-systematic which subvert the clean solution, the tautological assurance of artistic work."
(joerg heiser)

it is kind of nice not to have read this earlier, to have come to some of the same conclusions/interests on my own... and then see that it actually lines up with some of the things these guys are discussing.

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